Yes, it's me!


My name is Francesco Napoletano.
I'm a web && iOS developer.

Who I am

35, Italian, web && iOS developer.

Married, no children.

Who I am

I'm Francesco, 35 years old, a Web developer living in Giussano, Italy.

My wife, Roberta, is an architect.

I have more than 10 years experience in client-side and server-side technologies. I've worked in international teams for many different clients, applying agile methodologies in my everyday work.

Since 2010 I'm a software engineer for the eBay Classifieds Group, an eBay company.

Things I do

PHP, Bash, Composer, PHPUnit, SASS, MySQL, jQuery, Backbone and Redis are the ingredients of my daily job.

I love teamwork, I'm part of an international team of ~15 people.

I am also interested in getting rich with creating iOS apps. I have some apps on the iOS store, and more are currently under development:

  • CMCH, an iOS clipboard manager with iCloud sync.
    Universal for iPhone and iPad
  • iRiassunti helps italian language students with more than 200 recaps of famous books, written in simple italian.
    Universal for iPhone and iPad
  • HashTag! #helps #hashtag #addicted #in #satisfying #their #ego. :-)
    Free for iPhone

If you need support or help about one of my apps, just write me an email!

Things I do

  • Cutting-Edge PHP web apps
  • iPhone & iPad native apps
  • WordPress plugins & themes
  • Responsive websites

Things I like

  • Videogames
  • Rock Music
  • Digital Photography
  • Arduino & other nerd stuff

Things I like

I love videogames, photography and software development social events (meetups, User Groups, etc...).

I'm a technical writer. I wrote dozens of blog posts and magazine articles for Blogo, and Edizioni Master, leading technological content providers in Italy.

I'm always on diet, with poor results. :-)